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Originally Posted by what went wrong View Post
I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to offend. I wasn't trying to say that Christianity is stupid, crazy, or not worth people's faith. I was expressing my opinion that there are some parts of its texts--and their interpretation--that are, in a word, weird.
Fair enough. There's aspects of Christianity that are weird.

There's still extremely little, if any, correlation between Christianity and what EVA does with its visual symbols.

Here's an easy one: What do the cross-shaped explosions and the crucified Lilith have to do with either the Christian or the Roman meanings behind the Cross itself and the crucifixion?

Why give the name "Lance of Longinus" to that one artifact, when its origin, purpose, and even ultimate significance in the series have nothing to do with the original one?

Stigmata? Really, Shinji? Stigmata?
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