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Originally Posted by Evil Dead Junkie View Post
See I don't think you can eliminate the whole Christian imagery so easily. Espescially when you get to SEELE. Basically your only hope for knowing what the fuck is going on is some knowledge of Christian Mythology.
I agree, and I'd take that in a positive way. I think it's really quite interesting the implications that the thorough (and not entirely hodge-podge) inclusion of Christian mythology in the series has. A very common internet/popular criticism levied against Eva is the use of Christian mythology "for the sake of being weird"; critics even point to Anno's own statement that he had no "point" in using Christianity other than the fact that it's weird and alien to a Japanese audience.

But here's the flipside--for those of us who like to interpret works based on effect in addition to intention--the entire series has a very important side-effect: it displays just how weird Christianity really is. If you think about it, Anno's not really taking Christianity too far out of context. I think that's something that hits Western and Japanese audiences in a slightly different way, but I think it's an important outcome of the series.
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