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Originally Posted by Sprite View Post
That's part of what makes it a great ending, yeah. In that last scene, Cooper (or what's left of him) goes from confidence to confusion to being utterly lost. But even when he has no idea what's going on he grasps at whatever straws he can, because he refuses to give up.
Yup. And to expand on this a bit, at the end of the previous episode he basically has all of the answers. He is fully in control of himself, he defeats his doppelganger and Bob, and he is able to navigate the metaphysical realms and bend them to his will. He actually travels back in time and changes history to undo Laura's murder. His plan to bring her home fails, but he is at least partially successful in changing history. I interpreted the scene with Sarah stabbing Laura's picture as the Mother/Judy figure preventing him from bringing Laura home. The scene in the woods repeats at the start of Episode 18, which I read as Coop attempting the time loop more than once (does Twin Peaks ever show the same scene twice? I don't remember other examples). At this point he exits the Red Room and tries a new and radically different plan. I don't think the details here are important, so much as the fact that he presses on into strange new territory where he knows less and less about what is going on. I think he has some clues (some names in this realm have been mentioned elsewhere in the series), but he has once again moved into a place where his understanding of the rules of the world falls short. He gets Laura all the way to the front door of her home, but he is again rebuffed. His last action is an attempt to approach the problem from a new angle, starting over yet again. He is confused and out of his league, but he never gives up.

That's about as much as I could get in my first viewing. I think I'm gonna watch the whole thing (1,2, FWWM, 3) at some point in the near future. Something that I didn't think of at the time but makes a lot of sense now that I've read it is that Audrey's scenes are meant to be a key to interpreting the last episode. They both take place in a sort of dream world with different names, and there are some similarities in the roles that Charlie and Coop/Richard play. Audrey awakens and we get a brief glimpse of her in another space, but the scene cuts away from Carrie/Laura before we see what happens to her. I'm not 100% convinced of this, but it's something to think about.
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