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I'm a bad person to ask in that regard, because to me a big part of the appeal of Spidey is that he's the comics character who moved the medium to a more soap-opera storytelling style in the first place (EG, he's the first major comic character to have a major lasting change to his established status quo, when he graduated high school).

I think that's why people tend to think of Spidey more in terms of runs than most other characters - a writer comes in and they immediately gravitate to the longer-form storytelling almost by default.

(Mind you, The Kid Who Collects Spider Man is way the hell up there for the best single issue of any comic in history, and Nothing Can Stop The Juggernaut probably isn't far behind.)

I've been racking my brain for a few minutes while typing this up, and about the best thing I can come up with is something like The Death of Jean DeWolff (Peter David early 80s Spectacular Spidey) or Kraven's Last Hunt.

I *guess* the best recent bet might be Spider-Man: Blue by Loeb and Sale, although I think it's the least of their Marvel colour miniseries. But, hey, it gave Sale an excuse to draw MJ and Gwen in all their Buscema glory for six issues.

(It didn't help that Spidey's entire 90s output was garbage of the highest order - to the point where the running joke was that either Nightwing or Robin was the best Spider-Man comic on the stands for five or six years straight, depending on your preference for high school or college-age Spidey. He basically sat out the era's miniseries boom.)
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