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Originally Posted by Sven View Post
A close second to Roger Stern 80s Spidey for me, but I see and acknowledge the argument. That was insanely great.
I mostly know Stern from his run on Superman in the 90s, when it kinda turned into Cheers with capes, so I gotta take your word for it.

SMLMJ did the Ultimate Spider-Man modernization thing while pacing itself like an Archie comic, which was a brilliant mix. Little stories, like how Firestar wanting to share secret IDs with Spidey led to a "don't you think we're moving too fast" conversation, showed how much the creative team cared about what they were putting together.

SMLMJ and Marvel Adventures cemented my belief that Marvel comics are at their best when they're written for kids. The intervening years have done nothing to change my mind.
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