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*Greg casts Regen on the thread*

Fleet Foxes- s/t
What if the dude from My Morning Jacket led a band that had the vocal harmonies of bands like CSNY, the Beach Boys, and Animal Collective?? The answer is Fleet Foxes. Not every song is a vocal harmony orgy, so suffice it to say that I was determined to hate this album because of the ridiculous praise its gotten, but it's really damn good. This band has a real gift for intricate arrangements and soaring, memorable hooks.
'White Winter Hymnal'

Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago
Imagine you retreated to the northern expanses of Wisconsin for a few months, your heart full of doubt, loss, heartbreak, pain, and longing. During that time, you record an album alone. Instead of it being incredibly bleak, there's a winter's beauty about it, with equal parts snow landscape chill and fireside drinkin' and wound nursin'. The result of all of this would sound a lot like For Emma, Forever Ago.
'Blindsided' (note: you might have to turn this up, since it's mixed pretty quietly)

Shearwater- Rook
While I like this album a lot, I knew it sounded really similar to another band, but I couldn't remember who. No, it's not Okkervil River, who the main dude of this band used to belong to. It took a Tiny Mix Tapes review to point out how similar this album sounds to Talk Talk, specifically their Laughing Stock and Spirit of Eden albums. It really is startling how close they sound; even the dude's voice is really similar. Regardless, I'm not sure how to feel about this, other than I like Laughing Stock a lot, and if you're going to borrow from any album, there are many, many worse choices.
'Rooks' (note: couldn't find any YouTube videos from the new album, so this's a live bit with semi-decent sound)
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