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Originally Posted by ajr82 View Post
I really liked Shut Up I Am Dreaming, and both Wolf Parade albums, but I just couldn't get into Random Spirit Lover. I think it may just have been too cacaphonous and sprawling for me. Anyway, I think Krug's at his best when he has someone more straightforward like Boeckner to play off of, I think the tension between their approaches is really what powers the best Wolf Parade stuff.

I still don't think that any of the various albums produced by the Wolf Parade extended family have any song to top 'Sons And Daughters of Hungry Ghosts', though 'Shut Up I Am Dreaming of Places Where Lovers Have Wings' is pretty damn close.
I see where you're coming from. The Swan Lake album is a great example of this; he's got a more pop/classicist singer/songwriter like Dan Bejar to play off of, and it results in one of his best songs in 'Are You Swimming In Her Pools?' That said, I also wish he would make more of his appearances on Frog Eyes albums. I mean, I love Frog Eyes, and that band is Carey Mercer's show, but if all you're going to do with Krug is have him play keyboards and maybe some back-up singing, it's kind of a waste.

@Shinji: I'm hoping in the future that Krug and Boeckner do more stuff like 'Kissing The Beehive.' Not in an epic song kind of way, but in a "trading off on verses, writing a song together, and/or dueting" fashion. Their voices and styles are distinctive and yet sympathetic enough to work really well together.
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