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Originally Posted by Googleshng View Post
The thing there is that the wizard* has 3/4 BAB and access to the same equipment (sans grenades).
I eventually noticed that every class has either 3/4 or full BAB. I like that. That is a good change.

I probably won't have much else to say about Starfinder since I'm approaching the end of the last couple chapters and, while the fiction is nice and varied to an almost Numenera level, I just never have a lot to say about that kind of thing.

That said, one last thing I want to add to the mechanics discussion: the implementation of variable level spells here might have saved the very idea of Vancian magic for me. I was never too hot on how Vancian magic systems work, but making it so that always taking the next level of your bread and butter is a no brainer and frees up a previous spell slot for something else takes a lot of pain out of the system.

All in all, I would love to take this game for a spin. Who's up for GMing an adventure?

Originally Posted by Mightyblue View Post
Bought the PDF of the player's guide for this, and man, does Paizo like their 40k.
I'm curious what makes you say that. As someone who does like their 40K quite a bit themself, I was struck by how little Warhammer influence there was here. Certainly no more than any other sci-fantasy or space opera you care to name; Paizo definitely has committed to ensuring that no matter where you want to draw your inspiration you can play that character in this game (as long as they can be approximated by variant D&D 3.5 rules). Granted, some of this might be a blind spot as some things people consider 40K hallmarks like gyrojet weapons just don't register that way for me because of how often I've seen them elsewhere.

Next on the list: Starship Troopers.
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