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Oh wow it's been a while since I posted in this thread. I blame reading novels for that, and the occasional writing. And being in one roleplaying campaign and running another so I have to read those systems instead. But I've still got some RPG reading in! Mutant Chronicles was fun and I would play a 2D20 game, and I look forward to the Infinity-skinned version. Might even try the Conan one! Already got three different editions of D&D too, why should 2D20 be any different....

Also read... I think about half of Dragon Age. It sure was evocative of the video games, alright. The stunt system is interesting but not in a way that grabbed me. I honestly found it rather forgettable.

Most recently, last night I finished Blades in the Dark. I won't pass judgment on the basic Apocalypse Engine mechanics it uses without ever playing the games (I prefer something more mechanically-focused for reading, but on the other hand I've never actually played anything that narrative-focused), but I will say that I was delighted with how evocative everything was from the playbooks, to the city descriptions, down to the sentence-to-sentence writing of the rules. And this time I'm not using "evocative" dismissively! Blades in the Dark is a system I can honestly say I enjoyed reading just as much as I expect I would enjoy playing it.
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