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Oof, been a while since I posted here. Probably because I haven't been reading many RPGs the last couple months! After burning myself out on Dust and Polaris, I've been spending most of my evenings reading novels, doing chores, writing, or re-reading Strike in preparation for a game I'm starting. I did get Mutant Chronicles 3E though and I've really liked what little I've read of it - the setting really feels like Warhammer 40000 Lite ("A whole galaxy is pretty big, can we keep it down to just our solar system? And hold the xenos. And can we lighten up the grimdark a little?").

It's a game that really, really likes its shoulder pads, though. They're important in equipment lists, in the mechanics, in the fiction, and most especially in the art. Mutant Chronicles revels in its shoulder pads. It is devoted to shoulder pads. It is obsessed with its shoulder pads.

And I love it.
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