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Some time ago I bought Rayman Legends, and now I finally downloaded it. But I will not be able to play it, because Ubisoft consists of morons who think that they need to annoy me with their own garbage DRM nonsense. I specifically buy games on steam so I can have everything as comfortable as possible.

But no, I need to create an account for Uplay, or however they call their nonsense. In theory this works buy booting up the game, but in practice the button for registering doesn't work, so I had to go to their website. After doing that I, of course, need to download an app for my phone, so I could confirm that it's really me, I guess? Problem is that there is no official app for Microsoft phones, or at least I didn't find the one that the site told me to download, so I needed to download an inofficial app.

Not that this works, because now I need to login at least one time into Uplay from my computer to start the game. Which doesn't seem to work, for some reason I can't connect. My guess is that it's because my internet is pretty slow (100kb/sec in practice). So after all the other garbage I just can't play the game, because of Ubisofts garbage DRM.
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