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I think it weirdly kind of works that Superman (and Jimmy Olsen!) are obviously not drawn by Kirby, because it emphasizes the weirdness of everything else. They are also in the position of being outsiders stumbling into strange new Kirby beings/inventions, so I'm okay with them being visually distinct as well. It works as a visual metaphor, even if it started as a dumb branding decision.

It's also funny that Superman is there to get jobbed in early Jimmy Olsen and then later at the start Forever People to emphasize what a big deal Kirby's new stuff is.

I do think it's weird that they also wanted someone to redraw Jimmy Olsen. Superman is iconic, I get the brand management there. But why did this brand management extend to being so protective of Jimmy Olsen? It's not like Jack Kirby was some unknown . . .
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