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Originally Posted by GoggleBob View Post
Every time you use the word "switch" in casual conversation, emphasize it to a ridiculous degree.

"Hey, how's our phone plan? Do you think we should SWITCH to another carrier?"
"It seems like we always sleep on the same sides of the bed. Let's SWITCH."
"I dunno, it seems like we've been eating a lot of chicken recently, maybe we should SWITCH it up."

If she asks why you're doing that, simply respond, "Oh, no reason. Or IS THERE!?" Occasionally leave the room while announcing, "TO BE CONTINUED..."

That oughtta do it.
alternately: invite local talking tyrants to come hang out, and have one of them casually use the word "switch" in a sentence, but have them snap their fingers like in the presentation when they do. then you respond the same way (use switch in a sentence and snap when you say it), then go back and forth until GIRL is like "what the fuck is wrong with y'all" and then the talking tyrant friend will be like "it's from nintendo's new thing, oh hold on i'll show you" and they can get out their phone to show GIRL the switch presentation.

beforehand, you and the tyrant will have practiced all of the iconic moments from the presentation so you can sort of act it out together while GIRL is watching, and she'll see how passionate you are about the nintendo switch entertainment system
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