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I'm facing a country-wide move in the near future, so I'm finally digging out my old CD collection and backing them up. The obvious choice for that is using Exact Audio Copy to make FLAC files and I think that means I'm basically going to give up on the mp3 in the near future.

I listen to a lot of music from my PC, and have a nice pair of bamboo YU2 speakers with a built-in DAC that I love.

In terms of portable listening, I have PowerAmp on my Android phone. It plays FLAC and has a bunch of equalization options that I wish I was more knowledgeable about. I'd LOVE a great pair of headphones, but to be honest, most of my phone listening is stand-up comedy albums and podcasts, so it's really not a priority for me.

I'd like to think once we move and get settled into our new situation I will start to lavish more time and money on my listening situation.

Edit: backing up my CDs has been harrowing - it makes me realize how much of my music taste was determined by the years 2004-7. I have SO MANY CDs from 2006, it's crazy.
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