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Since I mentioned native (ish, in the case of stuff like NSFE, VGM, etc. formats that droidsound/winamp extensions support) playback of tracker and synth music, I figure I should also mention the setup that I have for that other, misunderstood synth data format: MIDI.

Especially if I'm doing work with audio (i.e., trackers, midi, etc.) I'm going to be using my computer. It's basically the place I listen to most of my music from at least when I'm not at work. When it comes to MIDI my setup has two main steps

1. Coolsoft Virtual MIDI Synth (a soundfont loader that can replace the standard SoundCanvas-based setup most Windows machines have had since the later 90s). In addition to loading soundfonts it also can be used to configure the MS midi mapper, so you can use it with any program; it also has a renderer that can convert files directly into a sampled format using the active soundfont(s).

2. This OPL3 emulator driver. It's reasonably accurate and makes for a great way to get OPL3-style synth playback out of, say, MIDI data in DOSBox (which in most cases get passed through the default midi mapper -- which Virtual MIDI Synth can have set to this).

By the way, my current soundfont is this wonderful little one which is the best softsynth I've heard since the days of the late, great Wingroove. Speaking of which... (NOTE: I haven't actually tried that one)

And also, speaking of OPL3, I am not aware of any trackers that compose in the style of the OPL3 synth other than AdlibTracker, which runs natively in DOS or by way of DOSBox. There isn't something for more modern windows in the style of Famitracker or VGM MM. Alas!

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