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Anyone with an interest art history can tell you that baseline disposable pop culture bullshit is what forms the foundations for high art later on down the line. Trash is the raw form of what will later be interpreted and edited by people who might know their craft better but are still more removed from understanding the meaning of their own work.

One of the more recent trends in award bait movies is this whole "doomed gay romance" thing. That story archetype can be traced back pretty directly to mid-twentieth century lesbian pulp novels that were largely written as escapism by and for lesbian and bi women, but used tragic endings as a loophole to get around that whole "promoting homosexuality" thing. The modern high art version is essentially the same story being told by straight people who don't understand why people liked the original, only that this is how the story is supposed to go. It's a pattern as old as art itself.

and that's why evangelion isn't deep, but will be in another twenty years or so
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