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They're generally not too mazelike. Which means on the one hand that you don't generally have to worry about stuff like the fucking water temple or whatever but does mean that most of what goes on in them is puzzle-solving, finding treasure, beating enemies / bosses, and talking to whomever might be in a dungeon in order to try to get information / progress the action.

They definitely get more complex the more into the game you go. A lot of the early stuff that seems like dungeons really aren't, as far as I'd think of it with respect to Zelda. Stuff like the moon cave, sunken ship, and wawku shrine definitely counts, in my opinion, but the caves that just lead you to one of the spirit trees or whatever they were called are a bit less so -- they've got puzzles and maze-like stuff especially in the context of trying to get all the spirit beads, but are much simpler affairs without too much puzzling to do.

FWIW, Okamiden winds up having a more traditional Zelda dungeon-y structure.
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