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Originally Posted by Pheeel View Post
"The Next Doctor" is worth watching for David Morrissey's performance if nothing else. Shame the story and plot were so flimsy outside of that. Clearly one of the scripts where Davis came up with the big set pieces first and then cobbled together a story around them. Actually, who am I kidding? That's what he always does.
At least it felt Christmas-y and like something was actually going to happen THIS EPISODE. Usually the problem is that Davies sets up so much in the first part that the second part is wall-to-wall deus ex machina, but here it starts with deus and Timothy Dalton head and there wasn't really any story or much Christmas in it. The whole episode I kept thinking "Couldn't this have all been shown as the pre-credit teaser, so we can start when the Doctor DOES SOMETHING?"
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