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Oh man someone else is gonna run this and I get to actually play a character I made!

Which I'm putting right here because I'm that excited! We're basically doing a light-hearted mid-to-high fantasy about a group of ragtag adventurers fighting an Evil Overlord because we needed our games to be less dark.

Background: Freedom Fighter
Origin: Human Survivalist
Kit: Fountain
-Lena is driven to help the poor. Whenever she takes Disadvantage or suffers a negative result because of this drive, gain a Charity Token and write down the names of those you have helped. You may spend three Charity Tokens when in trouble to get somebody that you helped in the past to return the favor and help you now.
-Pity the Enemy: When you help someone for no personal gain despite their enmity, disdain, or disgust for you, gain an Action Point.
Wealth: 1
-Rabble-rousing [Connections]
-Rough-and-Tumble Fighting
-Property Damage
-Public Speaking
-Losing the Heat
-Wand Marksmanship
-Incredible Endurance
-Likes Breaking Stuff
-Low Society
-Fight The Power: A Freedom Fighter can always keep the public on their side when fighting an evil ruling power (or its servants).
-Wand Mastery: Lena can always use a wand as though she already knows what it does, and in spite of any magical restrictions the wand might have.
Motivation: Wants to fight evil, especially The Overlord, and help the downtrodden! Also really just enjoys causing mayhem in general. (Something something moral conflict but it's a cheesy one and she's at least okay with helping out if she accidentally hurts something or someone.)

-HP: 10
-Move: 6
-Resilient: Gain an extra use of Rally during encounters. Rally and Leader's Heal powers grant you one extra HP. You succeed at saving throws on a 3-6.
Class Features
-Chaos Adept: At the start of each encounter, roll a die and divide the result by 2. Lena has access to the matching Encounter spell for that encounter. When Lena rolls a 6 on an attack, she can randomly apply an effect from the Chaos Surge list instead of dealing bonus damage. Whenever Lena Rallies, she gains access to her Reserve Spell "Screw It Just Chuck Some".
-Chaos Surge List:
--1: Pick one creature. The target cannot attack you or that creature on its next turn.
--2: Immediately spend an Attack Action for the target. Only At-Will powers can be used.
--3: Target is Blinded until the end of its next turn.
--4: Target must make a saving throw. If they fail, they fall asleep and are Incapacitated until they take damage or an ally spends an Attack Action while adjacent to wake them up.
--5: All of the target's attacks have their damage reduced by 2 (save ends).
--6: Pick a creature. If possible, the target must attempt to move adjacent to the creature on its next turn.
Role Boosts
-Multitarget Boost: If you attack with a power of range X, you can make it a Burst 1 centered within X targeting all creatures within that zone. If it's a melee attack, you can make it a Burst 1 attack, moving it 1 space for each square of reach you have. If you do not make your attack a Burst, you instead get a conventional boost: on a 3 or 4, deal 2 additional damage to another target in range of your attack. On a 5 or 6, deal 2 additional damage or the power's effect to another target in range of your attack. Creatures can't be hit with a power's effect more than once. Only the first attack roll can generate a Strike or Miss Trigger, so you must roll against the highest-tier enemy first.
-Terrain Boost: Gain the Wand of Earth Shaping power.
At-Will Powers
-Bag Full O' Wands: Attack, Melee, 2 Damage
--Effect: The target and each creature adjacent to you are pushed 3 squares.
-Lena's Shock Wand: Attack, Range 10, 2 Damage
--Effect: Target takes Ongoing 1 Damage and loses a point of Resistance if it has any (save ends). If they fail the save, they are Vulnerable 1 until the end of the encounter.
--Keywords: Lightning
-Wand of Earth Shaping: Role, Range 5
--Pick one of the following three effects, centered within range.
--Rubble: A 3x3 area becomes Difficult Terrain until the end of the encounter. You may optionally remove Low Cover in the area.
--Dust Devil: A 3x3 area becomes obscured until the end of your next turn.
--Stone Slab: One square becomes Low Cover.
Encounter Powers
-1: Wand of Time Blink: Range 10, 3 Damage
--Effect: Target is removed from existence until the end of your next turn. It does not take a turn, cannot be targeted, and does not suffer or benefit from any effects.
--Keywords: Temporal
-2: Wand of Freezing: Range 10, 3 Damage
--Effect: Target is Restrained (escape ends).
--Keywords: Ice
-3: Wand of Unstable Teleportation: Range 10, 3 Damage
--Effect: Teleport 2 squares, making note of the square you used this power in. When any creature enters that space, it and all creatures adjacent to that space take 4 damage.
--Keywords: Spatial
-Reserve: Screw It Just Chuck Some: Range 10
--Effect 1: 3 Damage.
--Effect 2: Target is Immobilized (save ends).
--Effect 3: Target takes Ongoing 2 Damage (save ends).
--Effect 4: Target is Panicked on its next turn.
--Special: On a 3, apply one of the above effects. On a 4, apply two. On a 5, apply three. On a 6, apply three and also deal 3 damage. Lena cannot use this spell until she Rallies.
-Wrest Charge: Encounter, Interrupt
--Trigger: You miss an enemy with an attack.
--Spend an Action Point to apply 2 damage and the power's effect to another enemy within range.
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