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Well, they have a few systems for certain things, but the one I've gotten the most out of is the Team Conflict rules. In my FTL setting I use it to simulate ship battles, and it seems in general to be their answer to skill challenges.

Basically, your team decides their goal (escape from the asteroid field) and the GM decides the goal for the opposition (pulverize their ship to bits) and the conflict takes place over a few rounds. The players can decide from a number of actions to bolster their Advance (get closer to their goal) and/or Defend (stop the opposition from getting theirs) scores, with more actions available if they're using a skill they're trained in. (If you're using a skill you're not trained in, you stand a chance to learn it, like you would outside of Team Conflicts. Skill acquisition in Strike RPG is intentionally easy.)

Depending on how the GM assigns traits to the opposition (which is also pretty simple: give them a base A/D equal to player count and about half that number from the trait list), you might have to favor different strategies from fight to fight. And if you don't quite pull it off, depending on how many Hits you land, you can downgrade the quality of the other side's victory (maybe the party escapes the asteroid field, but not without their oxygen system being cratered and in dire need of immediate repair).

Skill rolls outside of Team Conflicts are much more straightforward, though. There's different degrees of success depending on skilled or unskilled (but there's no levels of skill unless using the No Skill or Heroic variants, just different tables) and instead of outright failure they instead call it a Twist: you might achieve your goal, you might not, but the important part is that something about the situation has to change, and pretty heavily too (enough that you can't just repeat the roll with no difference). There's a few other things (they added conditions that give disadvantage to skill rolls going forward and which have a mild impact on Team Conflicts and Tactical Combat) but the system is fairly easy to figure out. Almost all of the players I'm running the game for are completely new to pencil/paper gaming.
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