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Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
Most of the 1up podcasts, minus Sports and GFW.
Take out Legendary Thread too and this is me, since I'm still not convinced that GFW doesn't just talk about PC games. Since I have zero interest in PC gaming, the ratio of noise-to-signal in GFW should better skew towards noise for me to try it

Originally Posted by Calorie Mate View Post
1up Yours, GFW Radio, and Retronauts. Honestly, I want some non-gaming ones, but can't seem to find any that make me like it enough ot subscribe.
Um, the Harvard Business Review video podcast? It's not exactly an easy pick for the treadmill or the gym bike, though.

I'll be mining this thread for suggestions. I'd especially like World News podcasts, science-stuff, and movie podcasts. And on that last subject, since my only experience is with 1up's stuff, a similar approach would be great.

Originally Posted by ajr82 View Post
The 1up podcasts (I like 1upFM, but they do need to do something to differentiate themselves for IUpYours)
Yeah. Just being a profanity-free, alcohol-free version of 1up Yours won't cut it much longer for the Kid's Table. I liked it when EGM Live had Shoe and Jennifer, because it had an actual structure which gave it a tighter focus, but that's long in the past now. I like the Backlog, especially since I can (so far) relate to their subject, but I'll probably lose interest in it in a hurry once they tackle games I don't care about.
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