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Originally Posted by Wolfgang View Post
And what follows is why it's pointless to try and talk about movies on TT. You want to come off as high-minded and sophisticated with a taste for the unconventional but what you really want to see is feelgood action flicks.
... How the heck are you getting any of that from what I said there, and what relevance would it have if it were true?

Anyway, I do need to backpedal a little here since I could have sworn they went and said "Oh yeah, and it turns out Newt was face-hugger-pregnant the whole time" but double checking, oh yeah. She was just killed in a random arbitrary crash, and we're keeping things going by saying that oh yeah, turns out there were 2 facehuggers that somehow got onto the ship, one just kinda hanging out, one breaking into a cryogenic chamber, the other... ignoring the other two and hanging out until it can sneak off to go find a dog to knock up... which somehow develops like a day sooner than the one that had a head start of however long. Which is still stupid, but doesn't have as big a plot hole as what I could have sworn the deal was.

Anyway though, my point there was, I'm totally cool with making a scaled back darker sequel with a downer ending. That's totally something you can do, and is called for in this sort of situation even. Killing off everyone from the previous movie off camera though isn't telling a new darker story, it's retroactively changing the ending of the previous movie to one which totally doesn't work for it. Imagine the end of the second movie, big fun industrial power armor vs. monster fight, all that. Everyone goes into cryo, and then... the ship crashes and everyone dies anyway. That'd tick you off, because that ending doesn't work with that movie thematically (and because it's just kind of stupid really).

Originally Posted by Wolfgang View Post
Alien 3 undid everything from Aliens because it's a bleak story that doesn't particularly want you to feel good. It's an interesting (for its time) take on the summer blockbuster.
I'd also argue against this being the reasoning. It'd work better to reintroduce these people and then kill them off, if that's what we were going for. It seems to me more like the scriptwriter just wanted to get these extra characters out of the way as quickly as possible, due to not having any idea what to do with them. Really, the whole movie feels like something that was written as a sequel to the original, with very little effort put into tweaking it to follow Aliens instead. Which... I guess may have been the case with one or two of the scripts that were cannibalized to throw it all together.

Originally Posted by Zef View Post
Alien is the best visceral horror film in history.
Hey now.
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