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I'm not sure how it's someone's responsibility to meet target release dates when they're working with technology that's unfinished, a team that's being pilloried to work on other projects and which literally didn't exist for years at a time. Companies do it, but we usually call it bullshit when they do. I could get out the dumbass wikipedia list of everything he's done since the project's announcement which includes a robust gathering of things with the amusingly ambiguous title "creative producer" which could mean anything alongside a slew of other credits that seem to have fairly logical meanings. Suffice to say that in the time its taken FFXV to become reality he's directed something like 5 Kingdom Hearts spinoffs which all had pretty danged smooth dev cycles insofar as they were announced and came out in fairly quick succession. I feel like I'm misunderstanding because it sounds like you're saying his responsibility is to be a scapegoat for when people assumed the game would be out regardless of the fact that he didn't have a team to work on it for years. Tabata seems like a talented director (they worked together in some capacity on Type-0 if "creative producer" means anything) but the transition out of the FFXV directorial role is actually something he hinted at in interviews when Tabata was first brought in (specifically interviews at the time have him mentioning that Square is trying to find ways to move other projects along, and seeing as he at the same time admitted that they likely announced KH3 too early and that series has always had him as director the idea that he needed to give that more of his attention seeing as it was a project much earlier in production seems logical).
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