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Originally Posted by Egarwaen View Post
Well, also because they felt like genocide was probably a bit much to come back from with "Hey, no more powers, all good now right?"

Really, the whole escalation of the Phoenix arc was a series of missteps.
There were a lot of reasons, and the moral issue is definitely the most well known and probably the most important. I just thought their arguments about the impact on future stories was very funny, given what happened later.

And also the genocide was just a whim of Byrne's, which you can imagine was frustrating for Claremont when Shooter started yelling at them to fix this somehow at the last minute. (Some early pencils for the Jean Is Depowered Now issue exist, at least the cover, maybe a first page or two, I forget...)

The biggest takeaway from interviews about this is that Claremont and Berne never spent a few minutes on the phone to clear up "uhhh so what is this whole Phoenix thing anyway???"
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