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So the first part of the Inferno crossover is Goblin Night. I didnít read Inferno before, but from context I take it to be the Bad Ending of any given SMT game, with Madelyne Pryor apparently becoming a witch (Iím assuming Mr. Sinister is involved with that, but no idea) and teaming up with a demon named Níarstih and turning New York into hell.

Excalibur gets involved because Rachel has a nightmare involving her alternate-timeline baby step-brother who will eventually become a time-traveling grumpy future-gunman, Nathan (this family, I swear), which makes her freak out and fly to his protection in New York. And also psychokinetically dress Kitty up like a baby, because Chris Claremont. And she zooms off to New York where sheís ambushed by a demoned-up Madelyn, now the Goblyn Queen. And then sheís chucked into the Empire State Building, which is now an even creepier and more overtly sexual version of the Hand Wall from Labyrinth. Then she escapes and winds up turned into a bridal mannequin with a creepy Stepford Wife grin.

Because Claremont.

The rest of Excalibur tries to fly over to New York to help, but they donít have an airplane, so Kurt and Kitty just piggyback on Brian and Meggan (amazing!) and also briefly stop on a fishing boat so Kitty can pee. The sailors also make Meggan briefly become sparkly and flirty, partly to establish how her powers work, and mostly because Claremont.

In New York, things immediately become worse, Meggan responds to the emotions of the demons and shapeshifters into The Goblyn Princess at Narstihs pressing, an army of demons beat up Kurt really bad, Brian gets eaten by a movie theatre, turning into Rambo (?!?) and Kitty, once again, is fine because her whole deal is that nothing affects her.

Except for a desire to pee and have Rachel force her into revealing clothes, apparently.
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