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Ah, yes, the Royal Knights Castle!

My best friend growing up (our dads were best friends in high school, were each others best men and continue to keep in touch to this day so we grew up together) had the Royal Knights Castle. I wanted it. I Lusted it. In my house, Legos were used. There was a near constant construction, demolition and reconstruction effort. But Tae-friend was not like that. He was into model building. Legos were built and then observed. He would set up elaborate battle scenes in and around his Royal Knights Castle, frozen in time and just BEGGING to be played with. But we weren't allowed to touch. So I would just picture the battle and play it out in my mind.

If I asked for the Royal Knights Castle or something like it, my dad would get me a small set from the same theme. I didn't really like the smaller sets as much in Castle, so i usually picked stuff from other themes. Castle narrowly didn't make it on my list, but I did mention it in the Lego I did vote for and the above story is why.

EDIT: LOVED the photo scenes for this one Drac
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