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Originally Posted by falselogic View Post
the secret best soda is Diet Dr. Pepper
...because it pretty much just tastes like Dr. Pepper, but without the calories. Although I still can't drink it at night because of the caffeine. So my go-tos are typically caffeine free diet colas, diet root beers or (seldomly) diet orange sodas.

Over the summer I had a love affair with Diet Cherry 7-Up which, predictably, tasted like a light, clean Shirley Temple, and it was fantastic on a hot humid night. I burned myself out on it though, and haven't really wanted it in months. I went through a similar jag with Diet Green Tea Canada Dry ginger ale which is excellent,

You know what was awesome, though? Mountain Dew Pitch Black. It was black soda that was really black, and not in the caramel-brown-when-light-shines-through-it way colas are. It was black as fuck, and I felt a little sinister drinking it.
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