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Via Thrillist

Jay's lasagna

"I have a friend named Jay who believes to the bottom of his poor, stupid soul that he can cook. I'll never forget the time he made 'lasagna.'

"He invited me over and raved about how awesome this lasagna was going to be and how easy it was to make. As soon as he set it in front of me I knew something was wrong, because it was all waxy and weirdly yellow on top. He spooned out a piece and just as I was asking about the weird yellow top, I saw a bunch of elbow macaroni fall out as it settled on the plate.

"I looked him dead in the eye and demanded to know what he had done to this poor lasagna. After much argument, he finally said he had to make some substitutions because he didn't want to go to the store.

"They were as follows:

"Pasta sauce = ketchup and honey.

"Lasagna noodles = elbow macaroni.

"The various cheeses found within a lasagna = Kraft Singles.

"As a bonus, baking it in the oven turned into 15 minutes in the microwave."
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