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Originally Posted by Violentvixen View Post
I made this fall salad thing the other night.
Oh man, I love seeing the Kalustyan's bag of sumac in the picture. NYC represent!

Originally Posted by Violentvixen View Post
I am pretty sure it came out exactly how it was supposed to but I found it incredibly strange. The combination of flavors and textures just did not work for me. Lumber found it odd as well and we both agreed we'd just rather roast the Brussels Sprouts in balsamic like we normally do. And since it was our weekly "try a new thing" dish we had to buy a lot of stuff we didn't have on hand which is making me gripe more.

But I'm not familiar at all with the dish it's based on, fattoush salad. Maybe it's just a type of dish I'm not going to like? Dunno.
Texture-wise, the vegetables in fattoush salad are supposed to be pretty soft, so maybe if you didn't cook the squash enough, it might be off. Flavor-wise, fattoush salad rarely has a vegetable as bitter as brussels sprouts, so maybe ease up on them?
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