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Originally Posted by Destil View Post
Yeah, I think the precons are way worse and much less fun/focused this time and the unlocking is a lot more random. The upside is that you can build decks and that's great, but it's going to take a lot of playing to get all the cards you want.
Unlocking is random, but at least they make sure you never get more than 4 of a card (Actually, I believe the full pool has 4 of each common, 3 of each uncommon, 2 of each rare, and 1 of each mythic) so there's that.

But yes, it took me until midway through the third plane until I had enough cards for a reasonable second deck that didn't overlap either of my initial two colors.

Although some people may not realize (I didn't until after I had finished the campaign) that you can replay the "Explore Innistrad" (or Ravnica, Shandalar, etc.) encounter multiple times to keep getting more boosters. So you're never totally stuck and you do play against different opponents.

The best quote I found about this version (in an article where Shivam was interviewed) was: "UNLIKE THE PREVIOUS GAMES, YOU WILL NOT HAVE FUN RIGHT OFF THE BAT."
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