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Yeah, I'm one of those physical folks as well. I like having that plastic case on the shelf; I like collecting things.

I'm old enough to remember walking into a local mom-and-pop record store, deliberating on a choice, and finally picking up that obscure punk or industrial album. The CD was part of the experience; the artwork was part of the experience; how you acquired the album was part of the experience. There was work involved and there was delicious payoff. You felt more connected to the media and to the artist.

I love Steam and other digital storefronts but I've always felt it cheapens the experience and introduces a degree of triviality. The connective tissue is severed or severely handicapped. "Look at this Humble Bundle! 15 games for $15!" Great, in theory, I suppose. But it always gives me pause.

Unless it can only be had in digital format, I always buy physical and always new. The only time I buy used is when that's the only way to get the game because it isn't manufactured anymore. (And, yes, I understand digital negates a lot of that because "manufactured" becomes a meaningless concept.)
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