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Originally Posted by Excitemike View Post
72 DPI


"72 dpi" is an arbitrary value set by Photoshop (literally what it uses when no dpi value is stored in the image) and comes from a zillion years ago when older Apple screens really did have 72 pixels per inch horizontally. These days they have over 200.
When publishing on the web, "72 dpi" is meaningless and even a handicap if strictly enforced when scaling down from your originals, because it can result in smaller-scaled pages with weird dimensions.
The only thing that actually matters is how big they are in pixel dimensions when displayed on your website. What you're currently using is fine.

Actually reducing your comics' data footprint is another matter entirely. Photoshop and Manga Studio barely even try. I use IrfanView for that: Bring in the original full-size page (300 dpi at least, often 600!), scale it down to the pixel dimensions I want (In your case, 900 wide), and save the finished result as a copy ready to be uploaded.
You're using JPG right now, you might try PNG. Sometimes it saves a few kilobytes.
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