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Originally Posted by destro713 View Post
OK, so I just listened to an episode of WNYC Radio Lab and it BLEW MY FUCKING MIND.

I would describe this show with an equation: [This American Life] + [science] + [more production value] - [host who slurs all his words and speaks whole sentences as if they're fragments] = [R. J. MacReady-caliber awesome].
It's so good. I listen to old episode all the time. I love the one about Space, and the few episodes about Time. One episode is called "Beyond Time" and the other titled simply "Time". The production value on this show is off the charts. I think that's why this next season is taking so long to complete. I've been waiting for it for months now. I'm getting tired of these 10 minute episodes they've been releasing as of late.

Side note:

This weeks This American Life was fantastic. The story of the guy that hit the girl with his car had me totally enthralled. Highly recommended.
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