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Originally Posted by Tefari View Post
I still don't know much about what's good in this game but is my impression that this Spring banner is full of lame gimmicks correct? I need some better green and blue magic but those skill sets look like jokes.
Those skill sets are really solid. The training passives are less useful for straight battles, but the regular skill distributions (even ignoring inheritance) are actually incredibly solid for all of them. Getting 4 HP regen on attack is just icing on the cake.

They're probably not REPLACEMENTS. Like, if you have Lucina, or even someone like Linde or Reinhardt, Bunny Lucina isn't going to obsolete them, but she's still really competitive. Bunny Camilla is the only flying caster in the game at the moment, which opens up a bunch of possibilities. Bunny Chrom is a freight train of green physical damage that straight up rivals Hector. Bunny Xander is a more defensive take on cavalry then is the norm.
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