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I forgot to mention that I did one last pull before the banner switched, and... I got Ninian! I already had Olivia, but still, this gives me what is hopefully a much stronger dancer.

I tried a pull on the new banner and got lots of 4* versions of characters I only had at 3*, so that wasn't bad. I even got another 4* Nino.

I'm really liking how this game handles most of its stuff, at least with respect to like, f2p player friendliness and all that. I haven't felt any need to ever buy any orbs because they give out so many stamina refresh potions, and have the daily arena quests for sword recharges, and orbs are easy to come by. I still would like to be able to see/shuffle the summon spread before spending orbs, but the other future improvements they've mentioned all sound great.
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