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Default Guess what I'm not playing guys. Any PS3 games!

So 7 months later, my PS3 has once again stopped working. Since I paid to have it re-balled last time, it's still under a 9 month warranty. Here are some things I've learned:
1.) If your PS3 stops displaying anything on an HDMI connection, but recovers by itself 10 minutes later, you are 10-15 hours away from an YLOD.

2.) Do not place your PS3 on a shelf of glass. The glass will retain heat at the bottom of your PS3 and increase its temperature. Elevate it with something hollow and metal preferably.

3.) If you got your disc out the first YLOD, don't count on it on the second.
I've already ordered a super slim but hopefully I can recover my save files and disc. I already had an issue with my PS2, so I'm kind of wary of the PS4.
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