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Default Part 5: Syrup Tycoon

First things first, we finish building at Worcester:

Since the depot is a dead end, I'll put down some telegraph poles to shorten the turnaround time. It's also a good idea to check your manager applications every so often, so I'll do that now.

Well, that's pretty good. Ben is a higher tier manager to be sure, but I'll hire Garbe again for a little bit before I switch to him, because...

I would have sent the Percy Express to Worcester, but that would mean less time to steal passengers from Providence (which is very important) so I bought a second express train. The other trains' routes have been adjusted to service the city as well. And since we're going to buy at least one more train for those new raw materials we hooked up to the north of town, all that means...

Double track, finally. 160k is a small price to pay for less congestion between our three main stations. I also set the freight trains' priority to lowest and the second express train's to regular, while the Percy Express stays on top.

We're not connected to any lumber mills to haul the logs to, and I don't want to haul iron because we're already delivering a good amount of goods, so I'll take the pulpwood to make paper. Incidentally, the nearest lumber mill we can connect to is in Lawrence, that village we looked at before across the river to the north. We'll see about connecting later, because we've already spent $500,000 in this update alone.

While our railroad makes some more money, I'll just check where you guys want me to g-

Originally Posted by Daikaiju View Post
I...alright. Let's just see whe-

...okay then.

That's pretty out of the way, and across another river to boot. At least there's another paper mill in Brattleboro, the closest town. We'll need to make some money first and maybe refinance our bonds before we grab our maple syrup. (There is no maple syrup in this game, so we'll have to substitute liquefied wood pulp. Hopefully, nobody will tell the difference.)

Overhead isn't the most painful expense, but it's good to save money any way possible. Mail, meanwhile, is slow to appear but quite profitable. And we have a train exclusively dedicated to hauling mail and produce.

That double track really pays for itself.

This is a good thing, if you didn't already figure that out. A more vigorous economy means companies and passengers will pay more for our services. It also means our stock will do better, new track is slightly more expensive to build, and lower interest rates. We can get as low as 9 percent now!!

There's a slight extra fee if we refinance - IE, pay bonds off early and take out newer ones with less interest - but it's worth it. This way, we're saving around 25k a year on payments.

Yeah, I think I'll bump up the dividend to 101k while we're at it.

No, this was a brilliant investment.

It is now March. Between floating a third bond and our increased revenue stream, I think we have enough to build to Vermont. We're paying slightly more in interest now with the three lower-interest bonds than we were at the start of the year with the previous two, but that's still manageable.

I was hoping to build at a lower grade, but this is the best I could do. At this point in the game, we have two types of bridge available to us. Wooden bridges are the cheapest, but can't be double-tracked and slow trains down 40 percent while crossing. Stone bridges are much more expensive, but can be double-tracked and don't slow trains down, so they're only really worthwhile for main lines and express branches. We're economical wood pulp syrup barons, so wooden bridge it is.

And now we have a small depot in the Green Mountain State, by way of New Hampshire. I put up a post office, water & sanding towers, and telegraph lines.

I also put a small station at the other end of the branch to act as a service depot. Since there are no other stations between Brattleboro and Providence/Boston for a train to pass through and restock, a train would probably run out of sand and/or water if it were to travel along our Vermont branch line sans depot. That is Not A Good Thing.

And we'll have our newest train use the branch, because it's already hauling dolla dolla bills paper.

Next time: paying off our ludicrous debt of 1.5 million dollars over the remaining nine months of 1852! Unless you want me to dig us deeper connecting to all the different states, that is.

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