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Default Wild Arms 2 21-1

Randy will get mentioned when he is worthy of being mentioned!

Previously on Wild Arms 2: We rode a train! And saved Noel from another dimension! Good job all around, everybody!

Oh, but we lost a nuke to Odessa. You miss one tiny detail…

So let’s take a quick tour of Guild Galad before we head off to parts unknown. Once again, if you recall, signs and whatnot up to this point have been in English, but I’m pretty sure we’ve got Chinese going through the Asian-themed Guild Galad. Or maybe it’s Japanese? Point is that Guild Galad is deliberately supposed to be “foreign” compared to the more West-themed other countries of Filgaia.

Word travels fast on this planet.

We don’t actually get a “story event” that tells us our next mission, but some of the NPCs are happy to point out our next destination.

Man, 2017 in a nutshell. Am I right? Huh? Huh?

This appears to be a Guild Galad church. Or shrine? GG apparently has some kind of worship… uh… room?


This isn’t just complete nonsense, there is a minor sidequest that is set off by staying at this inn often. Unfortunately, I don’t think it triggers right now, so we’ll come back later.

All the common vendor stands are on hand. Feel free to upgrade you gear to the currently available max. Interestingly enough, we still have a lot of game to go, but I want to say that this is the last town on the planet (second to last, depending on if you count a town from the intro that we haven’t officially revisited yet).

You may recall that we were gifted a teleporting hovercraft at the end of the last update. Now we can explore the Outer Sea. There are a few optional dungeons available now, but, by and large, we’ll hit those when we have an even better mode of transportation (and a party that isn’t 66% mages).

Using the Call command will give you a hint to your future if you didn’t already get the info from some NPCs.

We’ve already been to Damzen twice now…

So let’s teleport over to Holst.

You may remember this town as being the place where we fished a gem out of a mine. It was also where Brad picked up his bombs tool? Look, it was kind of a boring update, and I apologize if you’ve forgotten.

And the local scuttlebutt is that Odessa is creeping around not the local mine that is right there, but another mine up to the northeast.

Guess we have some walking to do…

But, thanks to steep cliffs, we can’t seem to reach the mine area (or the entire northern chunk of the island).

But! The hovercraft followed us here with our recent teleport, so now we can teleport to the nearby hovercraft…

Hit the southern beach that loops around to the north…

And here we are! The whole “teleporting hovercraft” thing is neat, but it seems to encourage a lot of “fast travel” teleporting, and not much actual exploring. Then again, Wild Arms 2 gates most of its exploring through plot flags anyway, so it’s not really a great loss.

I can safely say this area won’t explode, as there’s a monster pyramid we are legally required to revisit.

Tim pops in to say that he can’t “feel any energy” in this abandoned mine. Huh?

And Pooka (remember him? …. Uh… it?) explains that Tim can “feel” the Earth, so he’s a human divining rod. Good to know. Not a terribly useful skill for a mercenary group, but good to know.

So Odessa is trying to secure a… used up mine? Something doesn’t wash here…

Probably that we’re talking to a purple fuzzball and should maybe get the quasi-mission over with.

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