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Default Wild Arms 2 19-2

A random robot is thwarting our advances (I hate those things), so let’s see what’s in the back.

Found an Odessa dude camping out, but Ashley isn’t so much into enhanced interrogation.

So this is cool…

The “call” command has, thus far, only been used for contacting home base and getting a lead on our next objective. It has basically been nothing more than a hint system up to this point…

But now it can now be used to spy on Odessa conversations! Neat! This will be the gimmick of the second part of this dungeon, and the robot and its manager are basically the tutorial portion.

Doesn’t like temperature changes, eh? Time to alternate Lilka’s fire and ice rods to blast a bot.

From here on, we’ve got larger hallways with many closed doors. The call command is going to get a workout.

Lilka, you snoop.

It is a wonder that Odessa has been this successful.

Sneaking around… here we are.

Well, I have no idea what any of this means.

But I can take a wild guess where it’s supposed to be used.

We might have the cipher, but we still need the password. Moving on.

Another door, another excuse to spy on nitwits.

… Is that supposed to mean something?

Ooooooh now I get it. Look at the letters vertically.

QOW is one column, then one column back is ONM, that means the next password should be…


Legitimately, if you can’t quite figure out how the vertical reading works for that puzzle, you’re probably going to be stuck for a while. The code book looks like a jumble or letter-replacement puzzle, but it’s basically just a matter of picking out the pattern immediately.

Now we’ve got a save room with exits on three sides (well, technically four, but we just came from one door). Let’s try heading left to start.

Guess what it’s time for!

Hey, this guy is talking to head honcho Antenora herself. Let’s remember that for later.

More walking around angry orbs.

Yay! Listening!

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