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Default Wild Arms 2 18-5

Part 5 of an update that started on the previous page.

This is the easiest Kanon fight, and, bad news, she will still absolutely #$^& you up. Kanon is very fast and very strong, and your only saving grace is that her attacks are entirely physical, so you might get a lucky miss or counter. Other than that, your best bet is probably to max Lilka’s speed with spells, and rely on her Level 2 healing spell. Tim’s First Aid will go always go first, but Kanon doesn’t attack the whole party, she just hits one party member really hard. Thus, First Aid probably won’t heal one party member enough to keep said member alive. Other than that hiccup, though, it’s just a matter of hurting and healing as much as possible.

Kanon is one bad mama jama, but she should be survivable at this point.

Take that, strange robot lady!

“But this isn't over yet. I will fulfill my oath to myself! ...My oath to kill all monsters! I will hunt you down, no matter where you run to!”

She seems nice.

Kanon just tosses in this nugget that will never be revisited again. And why are you talking to Vinsfeld about Brads and Billys, young lady?


So, nothing more to do here. May as well at least get out of this haunted mansion.

And Irving isn’t offering much in the way of insight. Guess it’s time to hang out in town until something else explodes again.

“Okay, we’re back in Quartly. Have a mission for us now?”

“Where in the desert?”


So, with absolutely no directions, you’re expected to wander over the desert area south of Quartly and hope for the best. Side note: this whole “radar” system is getting old.

Here we are.

Bad guy cutscene!

Thanks, Vinny!

Man, Vinsfeld really knows how to cut and run.

…. What?

That’s what I said!

Double what?

These two have a really weird relationship.

Maybe he just asks all his subordinates if they hate him?

Maybe not.

Okay, on that cheery note, we’re going to break for this update, as the next one is going to be rather… explosive.

Next time on Wild Arms 2: Brad shows his true colors/internal organs.
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