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I have spent the last four hours failing the same Front Mission 2 mission twice in a row. The dumbshit escort AI has twice now decided to go fuck off flying over some buildings where literally none of my units can go help it. The second time the very last enemy on the map just mowed the AI pilot down while all my wanzers sat there BECAUSE I CAN'T CLIMB BUILDINGS, AI HELICOPTER. THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DOOOOOOOO

and now i have to go to bed mad about video games

EDIT:also, what arcane magic determines how far a wanzer can move? there's a mobility stat and a move stat but both are in the double-digits as opposed to the 3-5 spaces my wanzers can arbitrarily move

i'd ask the internet, but the faqs won't tell me, and there are only two lets plays of this game, neither with English commentary
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