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Default Chapter 11, Part 4

As we pass by the shack, I try the door handle. It's locked, but it's not like we have time for a nap
right now anyway...

Ouch! I got clonked.

When we reach the far left of the Balcony, we find Sue waiting for us.

Originally Posted by Sue
It's either that or site here and let these rocks crush us!
You ready? Jump as far as you can!
Am I ready? I was ready a whole chapter ago!

Sue takes a flying leap off the edge of the island.

And so do we! The game doesn't stop us this time.

For what it's worth, I don't think it's possible to "fail" this jump. I've never tried half-assing it,
though, so who knows?

Originally Posted by Itoh
It's too dangerous. We've got to pull out!
♪♪Break Down♪♪

As a somber melody plays, we see different scenes of the island falling apart. First the Egg Corridor...

...then Grass Town and the Sand Zone...

...the Labyrinth...

Oh, screw you, game. :C

And finally, the Plantation.

We see the island slooooooooowly fall from the sky, and then...

The island is no more. Along with, I would estimate, everything in a 10 km radius. Really, we'll be
lucky if this doesn't trigger an extinction event.

There's no time to worry about that right now, though. We return to our hero, plummeting toward
the ground. Things look grim!

♪♪Got Item!♪♪
Woohoo! Kazuma comes through! I'd forgotten all about that guy.

Originally Posted by Kazuma
I never thought you'd actually pull it off.
Blowing up the core...
Well, now the world ought to be free from any future incarnations of the Doctor.
Peace has been preserved!
Yeah, the huge swath of land we just obliterated oughtta be particularly peaceful from now on.

But hey, now's not the time for navel gazing - we did it! We stopped the Doctor's scheme, saved
(most) of the nations of the Earth and ensured that the terrible power of the Demon Crown will
never be abused again! All-in-all, I'd say that's not too bad.

And with that, our journey comes to an end. I'm not sure where home is for our hero, but I'm
sure he'll find a welcome among the Sakamoto clan if nothing else.

With the Doctor defeated, we are now treated to the credits sequence. This is honestly one of my
favorite game endings ever, filled with expressive art and cute vignettes, set to one of the best
songs in the game. Enjoy!
♪♪The Way Back Home♪♪

First we start off by introducting the cast - I love it when games do this! At the same time, little
one-off drawings show up on the sidebar in reverse chronological order, starting with Kazuma's
excellent save.

What did I tell you? Totally an evil Fraggle.

Mahin! That's what that stupid guy's name was. I'll probably forget it again by the time this is posted.

I'm pretty sure Sandaime never shows up again after the Mimiga Village. Was he somewhere
in the Plantation?

You know, those really might be balls of yarn...

I like how we're apparently taking a selfie with Ironhead here.
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