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Default Chapter 11, Part 1

Chapter 11: The Doctor
You know, folks, I try not to get too political in this thread. But if there's one thing I can't stand,
it's a guy who floats around menacingly while unleashing an army of deadly bioweapons on the
nations of the Earth. I think it's time for us to put a stop to this Doctor's plans once and for all.

This is the Throne Room - you might remember it from the pre-title screen sequence way back
in the very first post of this LP! It's apparently an open-air throne room, which is a little weird.
Maybe having an evil magical crown keeps you from feeling chilly when the wind picks up.

Misery is waiting for us on top of the eponymous throne. She sets herself down to talk to us.

Originally Posted by Misery
I suppose you're here to destroy the core?
I used to consider you merely an out-of-control robot,
but I see I misjudged you.
You should know that I carry no affection for this island.
It is simply my fate that I must obey the one who wields the Crown.

Oh, it's on!
♪♪Eyes of Flame♪♪

At long last, we square off against Misery. For all the magical powers that the Crown supposedly
imbues the Doctor with, Misery seems to be the one with the moves. Her basic pattern is to appear
floating in the air, hover for a few seconds, then send an attack your way before disappearing.
Your job is to pile on the damage in the space between when she materializes and when she
attacks, then get out of the way before she retaliates.

Misery's basic attack is to fire a few shots directly at you. Then there's this version: three black
spheres move slowly across the screen, zapping downward at you when you pass underneath them.

Misery's most damaging attack summons a big ol' chunk of stone that hits you for 10 HP. None of
her attacks is especially dangerous, but avoiding them requires knowing all the different possible
patterns, which can take a while to learn.

As Misery's HP begins to dip, she'll start summoning these spinning rings. They do damage to you,
but more importantly, they block your shots. The rings start close to her but then spiral outward
a bit, so you have to keep some distance from her to avoid them.

Two rings become four once she's down to the last quarter or so of her life bar, which starts to
make it pretty tough to land a shot. Here, you can also see her direct attack. Stick and move, Mac,
stick and move!

The spinny circles transform into orange bats when Misery disappears. These guys leave powerups,
which can be a good way to regain health during the fight. But it behooves you to stay close to
Misery, because it's a lot harder to predict which attack she'll use if she's off screen. I did
manage to top off my life and weapon experience, but then I am super good at Cave Story.

We land the last hit and Misery flies up to whatever awaits us above.

Yeah! I knew all of those convenient excuses not to fight us were just a front. Misery knew she
couldn't step to this.

A path appears, beckoning us upwards.

The King's Table is a cool, but also cryptic, name for a location. Is this the dining hall? Or is it his
experiment table? I'm pretty sure that the people who found the Demon Crown before weren't
all PhD scientists, so it seems weird that there would be a lab up here.

Anyway, we've found most or all of the remaining Mimigas, trapped in cages in the Doc's dining
room. They don't see all that concerned about their situation, though.

This one, whom you might remember from the Plantation, actually sounds pretty confident. She's
got the Doctor right where she wants him.

And look, there's Chaco!

Originally Posted by Chaco
Did you come to rescue me?
I mean, not specifically, but sure. And say, what are you doing after this?

Meanwhile, the Doctor has just been chilling by his table since we got here. I guess the polite thing
to do would be to head over and say hi. You know, before we smoke him.

Originally Posted by The Doctor
Finally, it is complete.
Administering red flowers to a Mimiga causes it to fly into a violent rage...
The reason for this, in fact, is quite simple.
The flowers contain not only a substance to draw out one's latent powers,
but also one to crush one's very faculties of reason.
It is this that I have successfully extracted and concentrated.
You can see it in the form of this...

Originally Posted by The Doctor
And unlike the flowers, this Crystal will affect humans as well.
It is wondrous!
Do you understand the splendor of this? Do you?!
I doubt you do!
Then allow me to explain it...

♪♪Eyes of Flame♪♪
What's this? Nobody told me there would be a BOSS RUSH! I would have worn my nice pants.

The Doctor uses the power of the crystal to float around and teleport and seriously, big deal.
But now he can also shoot red energy blasts that move in a helical motion. You can avoid them
by carefully standing in the right spot or by jumping over them. They also block our shots, which
is annoying. So does the crystal, which orbits him during the fight.

When the Doctor teleports, he disappears, but the crystal doesn't. Instead, it follows him around
like an adorable puppy, giving you a pretty good idea of where he's going to reappear.

Sometimes he will launch a cloud of his red bullets in all directions. These ones will rebound off
the floor, ceiling and walls, making it pretty tricky to avoid them all.

The Doctor isn't too hard, really. But just as we land the killing blow...

Originally Posted by The Doctor

The power! It's too much! (FACT: It is surprisingly hard to find a good image macro about having
too much power that doesn't involve the division of powers in the US government.)

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