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Default Did you know? Handheld WARNING messages

I've been holding on to these for many years, planning on finishing everything first and then posting it once. But it doesn't seem like I'm going to get everything done anytime soon. So, I'll just post what I have so far before I lose everything in a hard drive crash.

Handheld WARNING messages

When you insert a Game Boy Color, Neo Geo Pocket Color, or Wonderswan Color game on their respective monochromatic handheld, you'll get a warning screen alerting you that the game cannot be played on that system. Most of these warning screens are generic, but a lot of them feature some cool artwork not found anywhere else.

I decided to capture all those messages (almost a 1000 images worth!), for the world to see. Before this day, I don't believe there was any place online where you could see all these warning messages.

I was actually also working on getting all the Turbografx-16, Turbografx CD, PC-FX, and Sega CD warning screens you get when your Backup memory is full (or use the wrong system card). I'll be posting those soon, albeit in an incomplete form since there are a few games I still haven't done.

Check the SNK Vs Capcom warning messages for the Neo Geo Pocket Color for some good stuff!

Handheld Warning Screens

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