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They're unlikely to sacrifice Roman to him again, though - not as long as Roman keeps doing near-Cena merch numbers*, anyway. But Balor's one of the two guys on the roster who could potentially make a run in that regard, and his action figure sales are supposedly already through the roof (Shane Helms apparently is set for life because of his action figure royalties).

The only thing that'll derail Finn is the fact that, from day one, they've pegged him as The New Jeff Hardy. Except they have the REAL Jeff Hardy back, and if Jeff keeps his shit together I bet you could pull some legit money in with him as a sympathetic little guy against Brock. Speaking of:

The odd thing there is that the shrinking of the roster and Jeff putting on some weight as he's aged means he looks bigger than half the guys on Raw these days - and that's with the obvious compression shirt. Look at him whenever he was in there with Karl Anderson last night, it's like he's an action figure that was made in a slightly larger scale.

(Jeff's aim was REALLY off last night, though - he squished Anderson twice and REALLY missed the Swanton on Gallows at the end. You could tell he was at the end of a ROUGH weekend.)

* - Which probably isn't as impressive as it would've been in, say, 2009, but is still impressive.

Watched the full Raw last night because the NCAA title game was a worse abomination than Orton / Wyatt. Thought it was a really good show overall, and Kurt's a pretty perfect choice as the GM. Worried for Sami's career, though, as he seemed to be getting saved by default because the face side was so cleaned out and now he's below Rollins / Balor / the Hardyz / Roman.

Safe to presume Nakamura's up tonight, as is Almas. Still not 100% sold on Dillinger and Drifter.
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