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Originally Posted by Ample Vigour View Post
I understand the 'mania had a runtime surpassing even Inoki's most self-indulgent NYE cards. Idk how y'all do it.
Spend the evening teaching Emma how to play Uno and resolve to FF through the damned show in four hours or less over the next week. I learned my lesson last year.

AJ dragging Shane to something acceptable and even good basically guarantees him another Outstanding Wresler win in the Observer awards. I'm just kinda sad that they gave away the Forearm-RKO-NOPE spot before he actually starts feuding with Orton, as he will once Randy figures out how to turn off those projectors above the ring that are presumably the sources of all of Bray's remaining supernatural power.

Kinda weird that Matt and Jeff are going to Raw, but I presume that New Day's going to wind up on Smackdown so that kinda makes sense...? I'd actually move Sheamus and Cesaro over before either of those teams, simply because they can both have fun matches with AJ and Nakamura.

(After the entire weekend... it's genuinely amazing just how much Melina screwed up things for JoMo, because he's obviously the only guy that Vince will never ever ever take back.)

Other callups include Dillinger and Almas, BTW. The Drifter hasn't come up yet, which is good, because Nakamura is apparently working house shows through May and they're doing what I can only call a genius spot in main event tags:

Dillinger was in the ring doing some kind of raffle when Elias Samson came out with his guitar, under a mask and said his name was the Straggler. Then Riddick Moss came out. They both wanted Dillinger so Dillinger asked if anyone in the back wanted to be his partner. Nakamura came out and Nakamura & Dillinger beat Moss & Straggler in what was said to be the most exciting NXT match in Florida this year. Nakamura spent the match trying to unmask the Straggler. He finally did, but he had a second mask underneath. Nakamura then put on the first mask and transformed himself into a luchador doing some lucha spots including doing a dive. Moss unmasked him, and he turned back into Nakamura doing hard hitting offense.

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