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I have a ton of WADs and mods I downloaded a while back, and I haven't really played DOOM in a while and there's still a list of mods and levels I want to download and yeaaaahh. I DID download Strife recently, because of the Ross's Game Dungeon episode about it. (Go watch it.) Might give it a whirl later.

I would like to recommend Cold as Hell as a top notch TC for GZDoom. I still need to finish it, but it's a wonderful experience. Think early Call of Duty meets hellspawn. Beautiful Doom is a good graphics enhancement mod as well. The Doom The Way iD Did series is also excellent if you can't get enough of the original levels' overall aesthetic. I must also recommend this level.

Heck, I still need to finish DOOM 3. Been sitting on that one for years now... (And Chex Quest. And DOOM II on UV. And the first game on Nightmare!)
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