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Originally Posted by Alex View Post
Oh, I started a Doctor Who thread a year ago, didn't I? It's best to start anybody off with Eccleston's season, since that one season best incorporates all of the elements that make Doctor Who what it is, basically, without having to know a thing beforehand.
Except the entire damn thing took place either on Earth or in near-Earth-orbit. That stunk.

And the body count wasn't that high, but I get that they were trying to keep things acceptable for the kiddies that first year.

Torchwood was spectacularly awful in the first season. It got slightly better in season two, but even that had a bit to much of "LOOK! OUR LEAD CHARACTER IS BISEXUAL! AREN'T WE EDGY???". It's basically completely unnecessary to watch more than one episode to pick up on who the characters are.

2's got the best finale, 3's the best season (the only weak episodes are the horrible Helen Raynor Dalek episodes).

Plus, the scene that takes place immediately after Season Three is the best thing the series has done (old AND new series). Moffat again, obviously.

End of Time is sounding very much like a trippy Quantum Leap-style finale, which is cool with me. I suspect it's going to be a love-it-or-hate-it proposition, because I know people who can't stand how Quantum Leap ended.

Oh, and did anyone else catch Tennant's Sarah Jane Adventures guest spot? Fun stuff.
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