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Default Wild Arms 2 21-5

Hooray! Kanon has moved on from killing one demon to killing anyone that is remotely demonic! Progress!

Boss fight!

Tell ‘em, Kanon!

…. Wait a minute. Where’s our party?

Just Kanon! Yep, Kanon is now an official playable character.

Let’s check her equipment before we get going. Looks like she has her own unique “Bounty Hunter” class head and body gear, and her weapon type is dagger(s). Interestingly, she’s the only character in this game that has a default “sword type” weapon, which is unusual for JRPGs.

And here are Kanon’s skills. We’ve already seen literally all of these moves during her three fights as a boss, but now we’ve got ‘em on our side. Of course, given this is a boss fight, it’s not exactly the time for experimentation.

Or maybe it is, because Judecca is still weak as hell. Recall that he lost to a solo Tim during his last battle.

So Kanon only has “Gat Lv.X” skills for her main FP levels. These moves basically use a regular offensive skill, and make it a little stronger. Nothing too exciting, but it is useful for dealing some extra damage. Unfortunately, the different levels are based on the “rank” of the skills, and we don’t have any Lv.2 skills right now.

Lv.1 is good to go, though.

That move would have killed Tim, like, twice.

And we’ll talk about those Gat skills a little more later, because Judecca just croaked.

Or… not. Guess it’s one of those “win to lose” battles. Note that if you do somehow lose to Judecca, it is a game over.

She’s just having a rough day, okay!?

Guess a cryptic warning is the Odessa severance package.


Now Kanon has to deal with Dr. Marivel again. That isn’t fun for anybody.

“Kanon, what am I going to have to do to put you in this ARMS?”

“We’ve got a great healthcare program! And we’ll extend your warranty!”

“And, bonus, you can kill me if I ever go crazy. We gotta deal?”

“Sweet! I’ll have Irving draw up some paperwork.”

“I’m sorry, did I just hear something about murder?”

Tim is just happy that Kanon isn’t going to slaughter him anymore! Hugs all around!

“And we had a seat to fill anyway.”

“Hey, I only count four members, what happened to…”
“We don’t talk about it.”

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