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Default Wild Arms 2 20-6

And we made it out with plenty of time to spare. Assuming you don’t get in some kind of door loop (and somehow don’t notice), this escape sequence should be pretty easy.

“Also, did you see a green-haired robo lady around here? No? Whatever, truce is off.”

Trains are known for their ludicrous acceleration.

ARMS is going to try the ol’ “jettison the cargo to go faster” trick. Was that in Back to the Future 3?

“Well, they didn’t try to kidnap you while we left the train completely unguarded, so probably not?”

Lilka is the only person here that has ever been trapped in another dimension, so she’d know.

Conductor! Do more train stuff!

Basic physics are go!

The conductor objects for some reason, but ol’ Noel has his head on straight.

And this reminds Lilka of her sister for some reason. Does anyone that isn’t a complete asshole trigger Lilka’s “sis…” reaction?

Considering “what may happen” is “us stuck in another dimension”, that’s fine.

The train detaching sequence was never meant to be immortalized in GIF form, but I’m a terrible person.

Yes yes, we’re all very concerned for whatever stupid cargo you had in there. We’ll get you a new Beanie Baby collection.

Thank you, Ashley.

Thank you, Noel. I really like this kid. It would eventually become the whole plot of Wild Arms 4, but WA2 seems to lean heavily into “the children are our future.”

Had enough of trains for this game, let’s get out of here.

You would think the entire point of a railway system would be to take people directly to a city, and not involve miles of walking from station to town, but you’d be wrong.

There’s like one woman hanging out at this train station, and she’s not that interesting.

But you can use Pooka to fish a new hat out of a treasure chest at the other end of the place.

Hooray! We needed a save point after all that nonsense.

And now a brisk walk across the expanse of Guild Galad territory. If you’re curious about how far we went via train, compare the mini map here to the pre-boarding shot.

There’s this incredibly conspicuous peninsula of beach, but no Guild to be found.

And there are these chubby starfish monsters, too.

Here we are, next peninsula over.

Unlike other towns, we get a neat little “town intro” upon entering. Unfortunately the town isn’t all that interesting. It’s basically a giant, indoor mall with a vaguely factory-esque aesthetic. However, they do have a cool dragon fossil.

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